optimize your habits, get stuff done, have fun doing it blog

optimize your habits, get stuff done, have fun doing it

On Habit Craft and Free Will

Steve Scott has an update on his book, Habit Stacking. The premise of the book is very simple: You stack a series of small but impactful habits one on top of the other, and then do them all, one after the other, at a specific time every day, so that each habit in the...

Moderation is Good… But It’s Also Difficult

I’ve seen plenty of nerds on Internet forums say things like this: “What! You ordered a Diet Coke instead of a meal when you went out to a restaurant! Ugh! Your diet has taken over your life. What are you… some kinda moron? Don’t you understand moderation is good?” Oh...

Get More Motivation (…by making “motivation” obsolete)

Premise: The best way to "get more motivation" is to use motivation to render motivation obsolete. If you haven't read the post about The Habit Spectrum, read that first, as I'll be using a lot of the same terms. You can pretty much consider this post part 2.  Also,...

The Habit Spectrum

The Habit Spectrum The habit spectrum is designed to get you thinking about the forces at work in habit change, motivation, and achieving specific goals. The habit spectrum, and the way I've visualized it, designed to help you think about what is working for you, and...

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