by Mike Forest

The Journal Writing Superpower Secret

Learn how to creatively use “intentional” journalling and journalling “mini sprints” to get your mind right and accomplish pretty much any goal. 

5 Habits to Master Your Hunger

Defeat cravings with these 5 key habits. Some of them are counterintuitive, but they're all proven, time-tested and backed by research.  (And not just individual, cherry-picked studies here and there, either.)

How to Build the Ultimate Personal Meal Plan

Related to the Hunger Habits book, this 10-step guide tells you exactly how to build a sustainable personal meal plan.

The Journal Writing Superpower Secret

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What if a 10-minute journaling routine gave you superpowers?


The Journal Writing Superpower Secret won’t let you shoot webs from your wrists or leap tall buildings, but here is how it can help you right now:

  • Gain “instant clarity” and “hyper focus”
  • Identify and stop self-sabotage
  • Shut out distractions, self-doubt, and naysayers

This can help you accomplish things like:

  • Lose weight with an actual, honest-to-goodness healthy mindset (i.e. without driving yourself bonkers)
  • Write every day
  • Take over the world Accomplish your own huge, ambitious goals


Here is the “secret” this book will show you:

As any journaling book will tell you, your journal is your own and it can be whatever you want it to be. This usually means something like “Write what you want! There are no rules!” Well, that’s 100% true. But think about it: this advice also means that you are still allowed to embrace frameworks and structures if they would help! In fact, you can choose to embrace them exactly as much or as little as you want, and you can use them in whatever manner you want.

In other words, you are allowed to dig into your journal with specific outcomes in mind. You sure don’t have to, but you are allowed to. Your journal writing does not have to be an end in itself, and you are allowed to use your journal as a tool.


Introducing… “Intentional” Journaling

Intentional Journaling lets you open your journal with some specific outcome in mind.

  • You are not required to free write if you don’t want to (…but you can if you do).
  • You are not required to “just write what comes to mind” (…but you can if you do, and the book will help you decide when this might be beneficial).
  • You are not required to write for a set amount of time each day (…because you decide when and how to integrate your own personal ritual with the rest of your life).

All these things have their advantages and their place. But you decide when and how to use them. You decide what prompts to use. You decide “how” to strategically leverage your journal to identify and build on your strengths, address your weaknesses, and become that awesome, superpowered version of yourself you want to be.


• Dozens of prompts, plus how to use them effectively.
• How to “stack” questions and prompts to create specific exercises.
• How to use journaling “mini sprints” to boost your powers.
• How to create a routine that works for you.

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5 Habits to Master Your Hunger

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A sane approach to stop snacking in the real world.

It is a fact of life that as you diet to lose weight, your hunger and cravings will rise. These are not just the cravings you get because you're not eating your favorite foods. Metabolic compensation and hunger signals in the brain mean that as you lose weight, your body wants you to eat more food, not less. 

This is one of the most important reasons why long-term weight loss is so hard to maintain.

It doesn't matter if the disconnect between what you really need to eat, and what your brain tells you to eat, is small. What matters is that it stays with you every day, and you need to address it. You can't rely on willpower alone, because willpower is a resource that can be depleted, and really, don't you need it for other more important things in your life?

Hunger and cravings are a reality you need to deal with, and there are no magic quick fixes to just erase all of them, all the time, but still: there are realistic strategies you can use to intelligently deal with this stuff. There are specific habits that will dampen cravings and lessen your hunger, preserve your willpower and help you focus, and have real, beneficial effects on your body and brain, your energy, and your ability go and get things done.

There are habits that will make your life easier. This book will show you how to use them.

Hunger Habits and Smart Strategies

5 Habits to Master Your Hunger doesn't argue that if you use one or two of these habits your hunger will disappear, or that the habits in this book are somehow the only habits that matter. Life doesn't work like that. Instead, the book gives you five keystone habits (plus about a dozen smaller habits or tips spread throughout) that can work together with each other, as well as with your own particular lifestyle needs. Instead of hoping one particular strategy solves everything, this book is about habits you can build on and leverage.

In short: instead of offering a whole new diet, this book tells you how to optimize the diet strategy you're already using. If you don't currently have any diet strategy at all, and you're not sure where to start, the book includes recommended resources to help get you started.

Imagine right now that you could implement a few simple fitness and lifestyle habits designed specifically to stop unwanted snacking, rid yourself of unwanted hunger and cravings, and actually helped you become more productive, instead of draining you, like most diets out there. This is what happens when you start thinking strategically, in the ways this book suggests and shows you how to do.

The five habits in this book combine research in behavioural psychology, nutrition and physiology research, and practical experience. Although there are principles related to hunger this book discusses, it doesn't speak only in absolutes (“This strategy is always the best one!” “No! That strategy is always the worst!”), and instead lets you weigh the pros and cons of a few different strategies, so that you can use something that works for you, your life, and your own particular cravings and your relationship with food.

You Will Learn:

» How to get into the “sweet spot” of hunger and productivity.

» How to create positive feedback loops so that your best habits reinforce each other.

» 3 key principles of hunger and satiety that most diet strategies fail to address.

» Quick start assessment guides for thinking about where your hunger is at, and whether or not you “need” a cheat day.

» Much, much more.

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How to Build the Ultimate Personal Meal Plan

I’ll show you how to set up a custom meal plan that “automatically” keeps you (and your brain) on track.

If you’re not sure where to start with a meal plan, check out my free, in-depth guide to building a meal plan that accomplishes your goals and keeps you on track.

The free guide will help you balance boundaries with flexibility, and balance dedication with moderation.

You’ll learn 10 steps to build a plan that creates psychological bright lines, and you’ll build in custom options that work for you, your values, and your lifestyle. By creating this plan, you’ll do the work up front to create a personal system, then you let the system do its work

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