Affiliate Disclaimer

Sometimes I provide links to affiliate products. You don’t pay any more, but if you use a link, I get a commission.

(For anyone who has or will do this in the future — thank you.)

Sometimes you might pay less if I can find you a deal.

I don’t recommend things I don’t actually have some experience with, and like. In many cases there are things I use but won’t recommend or offer an affiliate link for simply because I’m not 100% happy with my current set up, and would be willing to try something new. As in, “I use this, but wish there were an alternative.”

Medical Disclaimer

I’m not a medical doctor. I don’t pretend to be one.

Before you start a new exercise program or a diet, you should talk to a doctor.

Before you start taking a supplement, whether it’s Vitamin D or caffeine or anything, you should talk to a doctor.

Before you start ingesting any weird foods or messing with your sleep habits, you should talk to one.

Your health is important. Talk to your doctor, okay?

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